Educator Workshops

Specializing In Microsoft Innovative Education

A Variety Of Courses To Choose From

Become Certified

After just a few hours, educators can become a Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator – Our team will show you how to accomplish this after just ONE Professional Development Workshop.


Learning is more powerful and dynamic with tools that are already right in front of you – and it’s up to educators to impress this on students in the classroom.

MIE Training Academy

The Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Trainer Academy is designed for teacher trainers and those who are responsible for training educators on the integration of technology in the classroom.

Minecraft For Math

Minecraft is a game in which players can use 3D blocks to build simple things like houses, as well as complex things like programmable computers! Minecraft can be used in the classroom to teach math concepts; from beginning multiplication tables to advanced physics.

Microsoft Imagine Academy

The Microsoft Imagine Academy program provides educational institutions with access to a full curriculum solution for teaching technology courses.

Girls In Stem - Closing The STEM Gap

Community leaders including teachers and parents can create conditions for STEM learning and context for applications to authentically engage women. This course introduces educators to research and resources that support STEM education for girls.

Minecraft Hour Of Code

Facilitator Training: Hour of Code started as a one-hour introduction to computer science designed to show that everyone can learn the basics of coding and to broaden participation in the field of computer science.

You CAN In :90

Find out what you can do in 90 seconds! We are here to show you how to transform your classroom. Learn how these students can co-author the same document at the same time with Office 365 Education.

Student Centered Training

Empower every student, every ability, every person to achieve more. Learn how accessible technology and tools improve student outcomes and save teachers time

Empower Every Student To Achieve

When technology is within their reach, students and educators do remarkable things. Microsoft’s education solutions empower every student to achieve more.

Rise To The Top

Unlock Limitless Learning

The world is changing faster than ever – as are the skills students will need to be life-ready by the time they graduate. With affordable and easy to manage technology that transforms classroom time, educators can focus on delivering personalized learning experiences that help enable better learning outcomes.

Learn From Certified Trainers

Train The Trainer

Educators receive up-to-date on all of the great features of the Microsoft in Education platform and how these tools can impact teaching and learning.

Empowerment Is Key!

Future Planning

Prepare students for the future with skills in demand. Empower students to navigate their learning and develop social emotional skills with affordable Windows 10 devices and free tools that deliver individualized instruction in key subjects like reading, writing, and math..